Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lighting & It's Been a Week...Already!

I just looked at the last entries time flies when you're having fun. It has been a busy week. Weather was so-so, not Spring like yet but tolerable and I was able to get in two rounds of golf. They were also so-so. Must be a trend. Quilts of Valor took precedence this week we have like over 40 presentations on the books here locally so a lot going on. I will be posting about our concept as to why we keep our work with Quilts of Valor on the local level instead of sending to locations overseas. Anyway, busy week.


I have been asked what we have done to light our work space...14' X 16', in the case of the Longarm Room. Because we set a budget when we made the cash purchase of our longarm, and knowing we could go hog wild with accessories, worse than golf equipment, we kept the accessories to a minimum. So we didn't purchase the light bar
nor did we get the upgraded stitch regulator for our longarm, dubbed Lightning Stitch. Not to mention no need to raise and lower it (electric lift), move it around (caster set) or need something to advance the quilt (power feed) besides 'arm/hand power.' So we left a lot of money on the table so to speak. We were aware of having to light up the work (quilt) as well as the work space of course. But at $875 the light bar was a bit extravagant and limiting; having seen it in application we knew it was well designed and manufactured but just too prohibitive in cost. As with many other DIY Treks...hello Lowe's and Home Depot. 

We purchased two 'clamp type' lights, two pieces of galvanized angle iron:

two 3 light bar assemblies with cord and plug in adapters:

so that no new hard wiring had to be done and we weren't paying an electrician to put in new receptacles at who knows how much an hour. And me and electricity...well...
We are, let's say lucky, both in the size of the space we have for the power tool (longarm) and the actual room arrangement. It made it simple as to where to mount the lighting so as not to cast shadows onto the quilt during the longarming process, something I noticed the overhead lighting did do, and enable the work (quilt), as well as the work area to be well lit. 

So with the light that comes with the machine that provides direct lighting on the immediate work area we have, for less than $200, provided our work (quilt) area and our work space lighting that enhances the natural light we have coming through the living...oops...Longarm Room's Bay Window. I also carry an LED flashlight in my Longarm Pouch...

and although small it does a huge job...along with the little mirror...well together they form the Thread Tension Inspection Quality Control Unit...and they work pretty cheap...didn't cost a lot to assemble, readily available, no mounting brackets or camera's, monitors or other electronic hardware required and very effective. 

Not to can light up a room when you walk in if all other light sources are off. 
Yup...just the flashlight...I call it my CSI Light...I mean really you've seen the stuff they find with those lights.
Well I hope this shines some light on the subject...of course it was intended. Hope you find it informative and as we did...cost effective...

Quilt till you wilt...

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